There are two ways that you can work with me privately:

 1. My Ignite 1:1 coaching mentorship for long term support. 

2. Intensives for short term support. 

Ignite 1:1 
Private Coaching

My four month private mentorship is for the woman who knows what sets her heart on fire and wants to take what she’s already been building in person to the online world. In this mentorship, I help women go from a 1:1 model to a one to many as well as develop a unique content and visibility strategy so they can unleash their greatness to the world online.


 "Lindsey is an amazing coach that is willing to get in the trenches with you and dig until you have breakthrough.
She teaches you strategies, how to problem solve, and how to get out of your head."

-JoEllen Gilliland, Tribe31 Training

Or Just Need help clarifying your next best step?

Want to work through a few key issues in your business so you can catapult into inspired action and create more income?

Want to pick my brain and get coaching on your marketing plan and social media presence?
Need help creating your first online offer or product so you can stop dumping money into an expensive hobby and finally see a return?

I'm opening up a handful of intensive coaching sessions for women that don't want a long term coaching commitment but still need the no fluff, real talk strategy, guidance and empowerment to make their passion pay them. 

I'M SO IN! BOOK MY Intensive!

Get clear on what to do next...

Want massive clarity on the next best steps for your business so you can show up with confidence and a simple strategy to do what you KNOW you're capable of? 

During your choice of a one or three hour intensive, we'll address any limiting beliefs holding you back, get crystal clear on your goals, and identify your next best step to take your business to the next level.

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What my clients are saying about 1:1 coaching with me:

Whenever I felt like something was off, had questions, needed clarity or just needed a girl who knows a thing or two about female entrepreneurship, she would give me a virtual hug and say either “are you available for feedback?” (and even if I wasn’t she knew I needed it so she served it up to me anyway LMAO!) or “I love ya sis. Here’s why you might be feeling that way and here’s what you need to do”.

Linds you have a gift for connecting with people that feels so real. I felt so safe “leaning in”/opening up to you about some real life shit that had been going on. Thank you for the time that we spent together, thank you for giving me the subtle nudges and shoves when necessary and thank you for being EXACTLY what I need when it came to taking back my power and connecting me back to why I love what I do so damn much. Working with you was a gift from God and worth every f***ing penny. What I love the absolute most? The fact that I can call you a friend.

-Joelle Trip, Wedding Planner & Event Designer