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own your ceo power, make your passion pay you and join a wolfpack of women rising as
leaders in their industries.

"Lindsey possesses the very rare blend of fierce support and love, while also kicking you in the ass when needed. Hands down best business investment I've made to date."

Tammy Hickey, Style Coach 

Outside of my private coaching mentorship, The Passionista Mastermind is THE best way to get high level support from me inside a container customized for your business. 

I've created an EXCLUSIVE experience that's high support and designed to help you step POWERFULLY into the role of confident CEO with the strategy, support, and community to see your business dreams come to life. 

We'll hunt down your dreams together. 

This is for you if...

You're ambitious, teachable, and hungry for more. You're an empowered client who wants a container that will call you higher into your role as a CEO, leader and heart centered woman.

You have a legitimate full time or part time online business that you desire to go all out in so you can build a vehicle to your dreams.

You know you were made for more and feel like you've been playing small, you're ready to learn and invest in yourself at a high level. You're ready to go from good to great!

You're committed to spending 4 months with me and other amazing women, doing the work as well as the personal growth required to build your business to the next level.

This is NOT for you if...

You're high drama, not committed to the work, and aren't willing to invest in your business. 

You've been coach hopping, looking for a coach to hand you over all the answers and the perfect business in a box strategy so you'll never have to think about it again.

You don't really value community and aren't willing to contribute, support other women, or actively engage in the mastermind. As with anything in life, you'll get what you GIVE out of it. 

You're brand spanking new to business or just in the idea stage.
This is for business owners with an established full time or part time online business. 

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In order to ensure the intimacy, safety, and energetic match of the women in this group this mastermind is by application only. We purposely keep this group small so that support and accountability can be closely upheld. Submit your application below!

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Three group coaching calls a month with me via zoom.

Monthly coaching

Co working sessions and opportunites for collabs.


What You'll Get:

Private community for daily support, Q&A, and resources.

Private Slack CHannel 

Guidance, SOS coaching, and hype team during your launch. 

Launch Support

Group goals board with
check ins. 


Specialists brought in based on the needs of the group. 

Expert guests


What is a Mastermind? 

A true mastermind is when like minded people come together to not only be coached by the facilitator (me) but to grow, glean and learn from the other people in the group. Inside a mastermind, you collaborate, support and share resources with one another. So there typically isn't a course to follow per se. I run my masterminds as more of a hybrid meaning I train and coach on topics customized for the group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I'm Ready? 

It's common to feel like certain programs are too advanced or that you aren't ready for something because your business isn't "there" yet. My best advice about joining a mastermind is that it should STRETCH you but not stress you. Meaning it should challenge you but not send you into a spiral. There is no perfect time to start and you will never feel fully ready. When you apply I give the option for a free discovery call to see if this is right for you and your stage of business. 

What Times Are Calls & Training?

I do my best to take into consideration the schedule of the group and set times accordingly. However, there is no way to make that convenient for every person. That being said, all call times will be posted at the beginning of every month so you can plan accordingly. All calls are recorded and available for replay. 

What's Slack & How Is it used?

Slack is a free app and software available on mobile and desktop that allows you to categorize by topic or "channel". This is my preferred method for coaching because it allows you to focus conversations for more personalization without overwhelming the group. Just say no to massive group texting and voxer! Plus it's easy to drop links, review content, and pretty much do everything without the distraction of social media. 

What's your refund/cancellation policy?

When you sign up for the Mastermind you sign a contract committing to payment for the 4 months. There are no refunds and cancellations. I expect you to honor your commitments and let your yes be yes and your no be no. 

Will You Offer This Again? 

Yes, however I cannot guarantee that the PRICE will always be the same. Also the content, guests and resources are always changing and being added to in real time. If you are feeling called, don't wait till next time. Take inspired action NOW. 

Got it! I'm ready to apply!


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My mission in life is to show you how powerful you are and that on the other side of OWNING that power is everything you want.
Passion is the foundation and confident leadership is the driving force.
I believe that the world will be changed by women who choose to RISE as leaders in their industry.
That's what I'm creating inside The Passionista Mastermind and I invite you to rise with us. 

HEY Passionista!

I'm Lindsey.

Hear from other Passionistas: 

Being apart of the mastermind was a mind blowing experience. Lindsey is an amazing coach that is willing to get in the trenches with you and dig until you have breakthrough.

She teaches you strategies, how to problem solve, and how to get out of your head. As someone who has struggled with decision making, this was a game changer for me.

I learned to just take action and was able to create things with one of my launches that is still inspiring me to believe in the power that is within me today. One of the bonuses to being apart of the mastermind is learning from all the other women. Real women just like me offering support and feedback from their own journey.

My business is so much “richer” in more ways than one because I was willing to get out of my comfort zone and glean from someone who had already paved the way. If you’re looking to level up in your business then Lindsey’s mastermind is the answer!

Jo Ellen Gilliland-Tribe31Fitness

Hear From Other Passionistas: 

After listening to Lindsey's podcast, I KNEW she was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my business and jumped in after one phone call.

At the time, I owned two separate yet related businesses and was struggling to balance it all efficiently. In the six months I worked with Lindsey and the mastermind team, I was able to clearly define my business focus, define my target audience, create my freebie opt-in and put my e-mail nurture sequence in place.

I started with zero subscribers and quickly built up to 250 and am on pace to get to my goal of 500 by the launch of my full service offering coming up soon. Yet, the largest transformation has been in my mindset and how I'm taking ownership for my business, my life and my POWER.

Lindsey possesses the very rare blend of fierce support and love, while also kicking you in the ass when needed. Hands down best business investment I've made to date.

Tammy Hickey, Style Coach

Hear From Other Passionistas: 

I loved working with Lindsey! She offers the type of strong leadership I appreciate and her demeanor and energy are truly that of a business badass big sister. She lovingly calls out BS as she sees it and encourages clients all the way through their unique processes, which I totally love. 

I benefited from not only her expertise, energy and guidance but also the guest speakers and fellow Mastermind members as well! This combination is exactly what I was looking for, and the impact this program had on my business has been profound and lasting. As I continue to integrate and implement all that I've learned, I will be forever in gratitude for this experience. 

Like a safe haven in a storm, through the chaos of 2020, I'm so thankful to have been part of a group of strong women, with Lindsey at the helm. Since beginning with Lindsey, I have much more clarity on harmonizing my life and business vision, I have created structure and strategy for growth, I have a stronger sense of my role as CEO and am able to fully embody that with all that I've learned throughout. My audience is growing, my content has improved, my (future) product suite has been identified, and my business is better off than ever!

(Thank-you so much for this impactful experience, Lindsey)
I highly recommend Lindsey as a leader if this is what you're looking for!  

Eve Roswell, Elevate with Eve

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Don't be like the average gal and immediately count yourself out of this because you don't feel ready. You'll never feel perfectly ready and there will never be a perfect time.
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