Ignite Your CEO
Private Coaching

Let's create Your Dream
Business Together.

With the highest level of support, you'll have me by your side every step of the way.

Let me get to the point, this mentorship is for the woman done playing small and is ready to pour gasoline on the fire of her business. 

My job is to help you make your passion pay you by creating an online business that allows you to live a life of true freedom.

Ignite is for the woman that desires the ultimate VIP experience and a faster track to success. It's major CEO vibes.

Who is Ignite For?

You're hardworking, teachable, and hungry for more.
You have a heart for massive impact.

You're already building a business online or in person and you know without a doubt you are on the cusp of your next level. You know with the right guidance you'll create something beyond your wildest dreams 

BUT you know there are some things holding you back. You're undercharging, not setting boundaries, and feel foggy about your business model. You're hiding your greatness and not OWNING what sets you a part in your industry. 

You're ready to be supported by a mentor who's been where you've been and come out on the other side and can make this process much simpler for you. 

This is NOT for you if...

You're brand new to business or entrepreneurship. 

You're not willing to invest and think you'll just get by with free information, doing the same thing or winging it, trying to figure it out on your own. 

You're not willing to do the work and are expecting your coach to do everything for you or hand you a business on a silver platter. 

Your high drama, flakey, or have a habit of making excuses and operate with a victim mentality. 

Limited spots available
at this time. 

In order to ensure a high support experience I keep my private coaching clients to a minimum. Right now I'm holding space for a handful of select women for 2021 by application only.
 Working with me privately is the ultimate level of support and where clients get the deepest results. 


Two 90 min zoom calls per month with notes. 

Monthly calls

Access to my stand alone courses to supplement with. 

Course library

What You'll Get:

During our six months together you'll literally have me in your back pocket every step of the way. When you become my private client, your business becomes MY business as we build your dream business together. My private clients are exclusive and get access to everything I do. 

Daily support in Voxer.
Me in Your back pocket. 

Voxer access

In person VIP day In Boise, Idaho.
(travel not included)

VIP Day 

Access to the current round of  my mastermind. 

Mastermind access

Opportunity to be featured on my podcast and social media channels. 


fill out your application

What's included? 

-6 months of coaching
-2 calls per month
-Daily Voxer support
-Access to my mastermind
-Access to all course materials
VIP day in Boise, Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use voxer? 

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows us to communicate as needed outside of our monthly calls. You can pick my brain, get mindset and business support and literally have me in your back pocket during launches and anything else. 

What's the mastermind like?

Meet your new wolfpack. 
You can checkout the mastermind here. 
This community and collaborations make working with me that much sweeter. We can't do this alone. 

Do I have lifetime access to your courses?

You'll have lifetime access to The Passion To Profit Business Academy, Boss Moves Mentorship, and The Mastermind. 

What happens after 6 months? 

You can choose to continue coaching with me privately, or join the mastermind. 

Payment plans? 

We have one payment plan available but are happy to offer a plan that's customized to your needs. 

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It's my honor to coach you on this journey and I take my work seriously. Everyday I wake up thinking about how to help more women like you,
realize how powerful they are and live life by design via the vehicle of entrepreneurship. 

I've created six and seven figure businesses from scratch and understand that true wealth is the quality of your life experiences. 

HEY Powerful woman,

I'm Lindsey.

What clients are saying:

Working with Lindsey has been just absolutely amazing, and in my opinion she is the whole package as a coach.  

She is passionate, kind, funny, REAL, inspiring and serves it up with no BS. Her knowledge and fire around women in business is legit and she will help you to the edge of your comfort zone and then gives you the tools to do the work and navigate growing your business. 

I have learned to recognize my pattern around feeling stuck as a sign of fear in executing and this alone has shifted how I show up as the CEO of my business. 

What I love most about working with Lindsey is she is doing the work and growing her business consistently, and she is always sharing with her audience. She is the real deal ladies!

Whether you are looking to take a business online, increase your confidence in business or maybe you need that 1:1 time with her to get specific kick ass guidance, Lindsey delivers!!  

She is an amazing coach and person and everyone that works with her is truly blessed 

Jenny Pietzch, Yoga Nidra Coach 

What clients are saying:

Lindsey's has immensely helped me get out of my own way and reconnect with my true passions. She has spoken words of life over me calling out my unique gifts and challenging me to show up every single day! 

It has been so powerful! She has given me the tools to make my dreams a reality. She has helped me gain specific clarity and confidence in the next steps I need to take in my health coaching business. Working with Lindsey has awakened this new confidence in me and up-leveled my thinking. Her business coaching propelled me forward to make a "four year old dream" a now reality.

Through her 1:1 coaching process she has poured an abundance of her business expertise, knowledge, creativity, technology tips, tools, and tricks to help me build my new 6 week online course. 

She is truly amazing, overqualified, and loves her "passionistas". You will get way more than you pay for! Working with Lindsey has changed the course of my life and I'm beyond grateful for her walking out her calling! 

Ashley White, Holistic Health Coach

What clients are saying:

Whenever I felt like something was off, had questions, needed clarity or just needed a girl who knows a thing or two about female entrepreneurship, she would give me a virtual hug and say either “are you available for feedback?” (and even if I wasn’t she knew I needed it so she served it up to me anyway LMAO!) or “I love ya sis. Here’s why you might be feeling that way and here’s what you need to do”.

Linds you have a gift for connecting with people that feels so real. I felt so safe “leaning in”/opening up to you about some real life shit that had been going on.

Thank you for the time that we spent together, thank you for giving me the subtle nudges and shoves when necessary and thank you for being EXACTLY what I need when it came to taking back my power and connecting me back to why I love what I do so damn much. Working with you was a gift from God and worth every f***ing penny. What I love the absolute most? The fact that I can call you a friend. 

Joelle Tripp-Wedding Planner & Designer

If they can do it, so can you. 
Let's start your journey today.