What my clients are saying about Boss Moves:

I first met Lindsey at an event I was attending and when she took the stage, she dropped a few f bombs, cut it to us straight and breathed fire into our hearts. It was as if she grabbed me by the ears and said “HEY!! LISTEN UP SIS!” As I write this lil’ love note, I’m now realizing that its actually so difficult to put into words how insanely MASSIVE the level of impact Linds has had in my life after only 4 months of working together.

Her work is so rooted in empowerment, ownership and taking action from a place of connectedness to what our job is on the daily and when I look back at my pre-Lindsey self I say, “awww, sweetie, you thought you had your shit together…well that was cute!” lol. 

We did a TON of back end work like creating new systems, new offerings, creating an email list, curating a Freebie, brainstormed new ways to offer up my services, worked through hiring a VA…but I think my favorite part was finding a way to seriously feel connected to my work and have it feel free n’ easy. I jumped from a place of “everybody’s already doing that” when it came to finding new opportunities in my biz, to getting neutral to it all, to feeling inspired and ready to put my own spin on things. 

Whenever I felt like something was off, had questions, needed clarity or just needed a girl who knows a thing or two about female entrepreneurship, she would give me a virtual hug and say either “are you available for feedback?” (and even if I wasn’t she knew I needed it so she served it up to me anyway LMAO!) or “I love ya sis. Here’s why you might be feeling that way and here’s what you need to do”.

Joelle Trip, Wedding Planner +Event Designer 

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