I'm a former police officer turned passive income creator, coach and CEO, with a mission to show as many women as possible how to make their passion pay them online, and OWN their CEO power so they can confidently chase their dreams. I believe we've all been given one life and should spend it doing what lights us up. 

Over the past decade I've earned over 7 figures via the direct sales industry, and online marketing, founded and led a non profit that helped survivors of sex trafficking & created a thriving 6 figure coaching business from scratch. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and my drive and passion to empower women has allowed me to live life by design.

Most days you can find me coaching my amazing girl gang of clients (Passionistas!) and dreaming up ways to help more women turn their passion into a business they love.

Hey friend I'm Lindsey Nadler, Life and Business Coach and Host of the Make Your Passion Pay You Podcast™.

If you don't know my story yet let me give you the cliff notes.

Listen to this special episode where I open up about my story, entrepreneur life and lessons learned along the way. 

My Entrepreneur Journey.

.When I'm not doing that you can find me with my nose in a book, journaling, with my fur babies at my feet--or riding in my jeep with the tops off, wind in my hair, music blaring.

I'm an introvert at heart and love to relax at home but you'll also catch me hiking a mountain or going on a new adventure with my husband Rich in Rosey (our RV). 

 I live a life of freedom and am so grateful I get to make a living doing what I love: empowering women. 

But things haven't always been this way. A couple of years ago I was struggling in my business, doubting if this was what I was called to and crying on the phone with my coach over a case of "it's not working" syndrome.  

The words I heard that changed everything for me were "Your Business Is A Reflection of Your Thoughts." This caused me to do a massive audit of my business and address all the ways I was thinking like a hobbyist instead of a CEO. Especially the areas where I thought I was doing "pretty good." 
What I soon realized is that even with all my success, and perceived confidence I still wasn't letting who I really was be seen. I was hiding and diminishing my power. After all, my whole life I had been told I was too much. Too loud, too strong, too aggressive. I was fearing my power without realizing it and it was affecting everything, especially my bank account. 

I had to rewire what it meant for me to be a powerful woman, identify where I was giving my power away, and start OWNING who I really was.

Thus, my signature framework for confident leadership was born (The 3P Framework™) and I began to practice total boss moves (radical ownership) of everything. 

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